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Living the Dream- an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Noni Drew and Don McOmish

My dad and I have been madly painting and sculpting to produce a new body of work to show together at the lovely and tiny little MSG Gallery in Bay Street, Brighton. Dad (Don) is a sculptural ceramicist who takes a 'slow living' approach to making his work. He often sources his clay from the farm at Narre Warren North and fires his pieces in his hand made wood-fired tunnel kiln using fallen timbers from the farm. His pieces reflect the spirit of the Australian landscape, particularly the trees and rocks. He uses ancient Japanese glazing techniques incorporating ash and other elements from the farm to further impart a sense of 'terroir'

My new works are gestural, spontaneous and free flowing and as always, super colourful!

We'd love you to pop in and view our exhibition from 14th - 27th October, MSG Gallery, Bay St, Brighton.

Noni x

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